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Every enterprise is at risk from web-borne threats. Check Point Web Security solutions minimize your vulnerability and educate your users about unsafe practices.

Web access is ubiquitous; we expect to have it everywhere we go. It is also the leading route for the spread of malware and viruses. The combination of the always-on Internet and growing malware sophistication can be dangerous.

To prevent widespread infection across the organization, companies need adequate web security in place when employees are using the Internet—in other words, around the clock. The costs to mitigate malware are high, including IT labor, loss of productivity and risk of data theft. Whether through sophisticated, granular controls and filters, threat intelligence monitoring or simple URL filtering, organizations need help from Check Point web security to keep web-borne threats at bay.

The secret to safer web browsing is knowing what’s entering your network at all times, regardless of the application in use. Check Point Next Generation Secure Web Gateway monitors web traffic in real time to prevent malware. It has the largest application coverage of any web security solution in the industry, as well as advanced granular control, intuitive centralized management and features to improve end user risk awareness.
Reduce unsafe web browsing and improve policy enforcement with the Check Point URL Filtering Software Blade. This web security solution integrates with the web gateway to enforce policies and prevent bypass of blacklist sites through external proxies for greater web browsing security. It provides UserCheck technology to empower and educate users on web usage policy in real time.