The focus of NETLINK’s Services & Solutions Division is on providing technology solutions to Small & Medium Sector organisations (including Tiny & Micro Sector). We understand the paradox faced by SMEs vis-à-vis professionalisation of operations & support services. SMEs not only find it difficult to attract/ retain talented professionals, the cost involved is also prohibitive & forever increasing. We offer knowledge-based solutions. Knowledge solutions can be defined as a high end value added process chain where achievement of objectives is critically dependent on the skills, domain knowledge and experience of the people carrying out the activity. We consider ourselves to be a strategic extension of the client organisation in the knowledge domain. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to Client’s specific needs, by professionals using proven technologies and adhering to strict data security arrangements. Our services often exceed services that an in-house IT department would perform, thereby allowing clients to invest more time and resources in decision-making functions related to their core competency areas, critical for survival in these turbulent times. This not only leads to minimisation of costs but also improvement in efficiency, resulting in the total improvement of the business. The most important parameter behind successful relationships is that of commitment and trust. Our team has demonstrated capabilities in understanding the client's business and their requirements, and believes in achieving this goal through relentless research and experimentation coupled with efficient use of technology. Our processes are developed to run the client's operations smoothly so that all delivery targets are met and quality norms fulfilled. Ours is a long term commitment to provide clients a very stable outsourced base which is trusted, reliable and efficient

The focus of NETLINK’s Software Products & Applications Division is Tourism & Rural Development. The focal industry is TOURISM INDUSTRY, especially Rural, Eco & Adventure Tourism. NETLINK focusses on creating sustainable development and livelihood for rural communities, providing solutions & services for an efficient, cost-effective & elaborate safety net-cum-communications network for the tourists as well as tourism police and other stakeholders, encompassing the entire gamut of Travel & Tourism Services. These include Tours Operators, Travel Agents, Transport Operators, Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Police, Government Tourism Department, Local Authorities, Rural Infrastructure Providers, Village Communities, Local Healthcare etc.

The scheme envisages an integrated cloud-based/web-based system, with GPS support and seamless interconnectivity between Hotels & Resorts, Tour Operators/Travel Agents, Village Community Centres, Local Authorities/Police etc. The system will enable real-time tracking of the tourists in rural hinterland and sparsely populated areas, besides providing them support services like supplies & provisions and healthcare services when needed. The scheme also includes training & support services to the rural/village communities to set up world-class homestays & rural resorts, catering to both high-class tourists as well as back-packers. All software & solutions developed by NETLINK include the provision for interlinking /interconnectivity through such cloud-based gateway. The gateway will also be linked to Local Authorities, Tourism Police, Local Healthcare Providers and concerned Government Departments with suitable alarms, to ensure a complete safety net for the tourists, in these unfrequented or difficult terrain areas. These areas are proposed to be connected to the internet via WiFi broadband infrastructure to be set up by NETLINK GROUP.