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E-Rickshaws or battery operated rickshaws are now trending among the vehicles on road. Initially launched globally in 2008, it saw its opening into India in 2011. Mainly introduced over the environmental issues of the toxic release of diesel-run vehicles, E-Rickshaw saw its developments varying from its structure to its performance, thus available at a cheaper rate and more efficient than before.

The primitive reason for the improvement in the E-Rickshaw manufacturing began with the issue of pollution level increasing. This led to the innovation of a battery operated rickshaw which was eco-friendly, not leaving any carbon footprints on the earth. Inventions played their part in the development of the E-Rickshaws as a major, but with the governmental policies favoring the battery operated rickshaws, Its economical price point is another advantage that has helped it survive the harsh conditions as less money for more travel will benefit the entire population to travel smoothly over distances. Being run from the battery system, E-Rickshaw is light-weight noise pollution free.


Battery operated rickshaws also help with providing livelihood to the weaker sections of the society which are deprived from the benefit of education. E-Rickshaws provide jobs to people who are not comfortable with the higher end of transportation, all thanks to the government policy of removing the restriction of the 5th pass to be considered eligible to drive battery operated rickshaws.

Not only creating jobs, E-Rickshaws also provide the opportunity to travel. In comparison with the manual rickshaws which require heavy physical labour of cycling, it provides a lot of comfort to the driver and finally, the development and demand of battery operated rickshaws in the market is its ability of customizability. This customization is available at very low initial cost which helps battery rickshaw manufacturers to generate more capital in comparison to the investment.

Advantages of e-rickshaws:

  • These are battery-operated vehicles and hence can be an excellent alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG-driven vehicles, which cause severe pollution. The e-rickshaws do not emit smoke and hence they are non-polluting. They don’t petrol and diesel.
  • Compared to other types of vehicles, e-rickshaws are quite cheap and can easily be afforded by a common man. Not only for the owner, it is also cheap for the passengers as they have to pay less transport charges, compared to the charge they pay for auto-rickshaws or hand-pulled rickshaws.
  • Easy to drive: These e-rickshaws are easy to drive compared to the tedious task of pulling rickshaws.
  • No noise pollution: These rickshaws do not make much sound and hence do not add up to the noise pollution. You can enjoy a comfortable ride.
  • Last but not the least; e-rickshaw is a boon to the common man. Without putting in much physical efforts and without investing much amount of money, the earning is quite good for an e-rickshaw driver and hence it is an important means of livelihood for many.