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Small Data Center Solution

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Building, managing and maintaining a data center is challenging. Our Data Center solutions offer Small and Medium-sized Enterprise clients means to speed time to market, reduce capital requirements, mitigate implementation and operational risks and offload support and maintenance requirements, without sacrificing or compromising on key requirements.

As a small business, there is significant capital expenditure when it comes to buying servers, network equipment and cabinets. Add to this, cooling, connectivity, security and the need to maintain your platform and costs soon escalate. We offers Small and Medium size organizations / departments / offices / PSU a far simpler and better solution based on a monthly operating cost basis.

How we help Small and Medium-sized organizations / departments / offices / PSU

  • 24×7 on-line staff to help Enterprises (reduce in labor costs);
  • A full range of connectivity options (including Blended IP, Cloud Connects);
  • Flexible portfolio of services allows you to flex up and down;
  • 100 percent uptime SLA on power and some of the most connected data center;
  • Data centers run at low PUE, making them extremely energy-efficient;
  • Your assets will be powered via 100 percent renewable energy;
  • Flexible, reliable, secure service-led infrastructure solutions, adaptable to your business needs.
Wherever paper-based or electronic documents and files support user processes, the DMS is a critical asset in speeding up processes, lowering risk, and reducing operational costs.
A document management system (DMS) provides the technology and methods needed to capture, manage, share, and secure information within an organization. In the case of DMS, this includes electronic documents, images and other computer files, as well as scanned paper documents. Virtually any Windows-based file format, electronic file, or converted paper document can be managed within the document management system.
The main objective of this project is to create a web based Suite which will enable various organizations / departments / offices / PSU to maintain and access the documents and also get access to various reports zone wise along with get access to analytical tools. The objective of the software is to aid in the achievement of the cardinal objective of the organization which is to ensure that the client’s operational and strategic objectives are realized. The project has two main suites: