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Child & School Bus Tracking Solution

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A child & school bus tracking system is a need of hour to ensure child safety. It requires efficient and accurate solution leaving no loopholes. We have industry’s best solution to ensure nothing less than superlative performance.

In 2014, Indian Govt made it mandatory for all school buses to install GPS systems to ensure safe transportation of children. It is an immediate necessity for schools to ensure smarter, safer and informed transport.
We  especially designed a school bus monitoring solution to provide school administrations with an easy-to-use system to ensure safety of school children, manage buses in real-time and provide parents with peace of mind. Offer technologically advanced solutions and boost the prestige of your school!

This GPS tracking solution is tailored for the specific requirement to manage school bus fleets, send real-time updates to parents, and monitor bus attendance. With a wide range of SMS and email alerts, the system has robust capabilities to optimize routes, track live locations, give entry and exit alerts, and notifications when a child boards or de-boards the bus.

To illustrate the powerful capabilities of school bus GPS tracking further, this is the journey of a child from the bus stop to the school:

Parents often get worried about the safety of their children commuting to school. Their major concern is, why is the bus late? Did my child board the bus? Is the bus driver driving safely?
SMS & Email Alerts for Parents
  • Bus started from school with ETA for all stops (once when the bus leaves in the morning & evening)
  • Student has boarded the bus (morning & evening)
  • Student has de-boarded the bus (morning & evening)
Powerful & Easy-to-Use Application for Schools
School administration can manage and monitor school buses on road through a web-based application. The application ensures that the school administrator gets immediate SMS and email alert when:
  • Bus is standing at a particular location for longer duration.
  • Use of SOS button in case of emergency.
  • When bus is entering or leaving the school premises.
  • During over speeding scenarios
  • Device tampering situations.