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Your Hardware Store has unique accounting requirements, and Store ERP has decades of experience providing them. Save time and money by automating many of the routine tasks, freeing you to be more productive.

You need a professional accounting system that will:
  • Tie the whole store together – from the cash registers up front, to the supply clerks in back, to the manager sitting in the office
  • Track products by product type
  • Include robust reporting abilities and dashboards to keep you informed of what is going on with your business
Key Benefits / Features
  • Drill down and quick lookups. Find customer information, including buying history, instantly, increasing customer satisfaction and saving time
  • Reduces paperwork; speeds up your accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and other modules.
 Customer Management
  • Create custom statement formats for preprinted forms or plain paper statements.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand AR Customer Statement identifies the details of payments being applied to invoices,
Inventory Management
  • Multiple costing options are available to track the value of your inventory – LIFO
  • Inventory Reports include the Inventory Stock List Report.
Vendor Management
  • Manages all your bills within a single module
  • Track and organize your vendors – know exactly how much is owed by the company, to whom and for what
Add On Extra Facilities:
  1. Web Based, site with back end software (Dynamic Admin Panel) built in for all browsers compatible.
  2. Mobile/tab/desktop/laptop responsive
  3. Integrated with high security for database capacity
  4. User friendly and easy to use for web servers
  5. W3C International Standard compliancy
  6. Corporate Look and Feel
Technical Specifications:
  • Custom PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, SPRITE CSS, Loaders and Interfaces,
  • MYSQL Database
IDE Platform Used:
Licensed Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Net beans 7.0, Notepad++

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