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Overview:- A fully on-demand car rental app and software solution to run a successful car rental business using the power of technology.

1st The system will take the database table for 4 major table.
  • Customer Table: - which comprises basic customer information like name / address / gender / Age (optional) / Mobile no / email address / photo (optional) etc any other info.
  • Driver Table: - Which comprises basic information on driver’s like name / address / id card no / license no / year of exp / mobile no / emergency contact no / email address / photo / age  etc etc.
  • Car Table: - which shows the details of available cars like car model , year / car no / engine no / color / type of vehicle / present status / photo / etc etc.
  • Route :- Display the details of route which will be enable for service , its best to get the from and to destination from google api wise , so now a days its so easy to get the information along with a google map to store for route.
  1. Customer Panel
Native iOS & Android apps for your clients and customers, designed with a simplistic UI to keep the entire on-demand car rental experience simple yet powerful with a number of key features.
  • Car Choices
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Advance Booking
  • Security & Tracking
  • Deals & Offers
Customers can choose from a range of cars, view available cars near them, and more to choose the perfect car for their travel needs.
  1. Driver Panel
Provide native apps to your drivers for assigning them new trip requests either automatically or manually, tracking vehicles on the map, allowing drivers to monitor their performance, payments, request help and much more.
  • Manage Requests
  • Built-in Navigation
  • Trip Payments
  • Track Earnings
Your drivers will be alerted for new rental requests, prompted to accept/reject and can view upcoming trip requests assigned to them by the admin.
Super Admin Login
We will provide a custom car rental app and software solution for car rental providers, operators, aggregators or travel agencies for managing drivers, vehicles, bookings, payments, assignments, tracking and reporting from an easy to operate admin console.
  • Dashboard
  • Driver Management
  • Customer Management
  • Payments Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
Admins can get a complete overview of their car rental business from a glanceable screen with key metrics, visualizations, and real-time updates.

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