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networking system support

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We undertake services like structured cabling solution on Copper & Fibre, Wireless Setup, Server Planning & Installation, Data Backup Solution, Threat Management, Cloud Computing, Security Solutions, LAN/WAN System Integration, IP Camera Surveillance Security & complete office automation.

We offer proactive & end to end management of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) & Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity. Whether its wired or wireless, our network service provides comprehensive management solutions. 

With expertise & proven track record of offering quality services, we have clinched a set of high profile clients including reputed corporate and institutions. We strive to elevate our standard of excellence by offering better quality services. 

Networking Products

  • NIC’s -10/100 or 1000mbps Giga (PCI/PCI Express Lan Card)
  • PCI Express 1000mbps Lan Cards
  • Switches – L2 / L3 -  POE / Non POE
  • Unmanaged -10/100 / 1000mbps Giga Switches
  • Smart/Web/ Semi-managed -10/100 / 1000mbps Giga Switches
  • SNMP-Managed -10/100 / 1000mbps Giga Switches
  • Access Points -802.11g/n -54m/150m/300m
  • Broadband Routers –Lease Line / ADSL (Broadband) / DSL
  • Wireless Range Boosters / Extenders
  • PCI/USB -54m/150m/300m Adapters
  • Antennas Omni / Directional – 3dbi, 5dbi, 8dbi, 15dbi, 24dbi
  • POE Adapters / Splitters

Wireless Networking Products

  • Media Converters – Fiber to UTP 10/100 or 1000Mbps
  • IP Surveillance Cameras & NVR
  • KVM Switches
  • Print Servers
  • NAS (Storage)
  • Firewalls
  • Lease Line Modems
  • LAN Extenders
  • VOIP products
  • VPN Routers & Gateways & All Communication Solutions.
  • 3G Data Card & Routers
  • Cloud Routers, Cloud Cameras, Cloud Tally, Cloud EPABX
  • Access Point PCB’s for assembling
  • Powerline Ethernet Products