Automobile Service Center Management System


Customized Software for Automobile Service Center Management System

Description: Auto Service Manager is a Customized and user friendly software for the Service Station Management. It includes all the functions and phases, which happens Daily. Software is capable of managing Job Card details, warranty details, bill details, performance details etc. It also handles Inventory as well as accounts.

This is an easy to use software which takes care of all your functions - showroom, service station, accounting, inventory, budgeting, MIS etc. With Auto Service Center Management System – you can manage all possible needs of Service Station Spare Shop Owners. It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs.

System Architecture: - Client-server/Cloud computing, Component-based, Data-centric, Event-driven, Layered, Rule-based, Service-oriented, Persistence Free architecture etc.






  1. Complete Inventory from Sales of spare parts
  2. Fully Centralized DMS with integrated accounting system.
  3. Strong CRM to keep customers close to the dealers.
  4. Reports for all invoices, taxes collected and more
  5. Reports for all Items in Stock as well as Items to be Ordered
  6. Maintains Details of vehicle repairs, spares used and other information via repair history.
  7. Add Inventory Packages & Quick Quotes to your work-order
  8. Providing template for detailed description of the work order.
  9. Invoice reports for particular period – Summary as well as detailed
  10. Reports of outstanding amounts by customer for sales as well as service
  11. Maintains the Employee, Supplier as well as Customer details
  12. Issue Of Job Cards
  13. Customize billing formats
  14. Multiple MRP Wise Stock Management
  15. Entry details for vehicles with details about vehicle for servicing Mechanic Details-Details about the mechanic
  16. Automated billing
  17. Bill Details with cash and counter bills.
  18. Labour details with details of service and amount.
  19. Bill Printing
  20. Secure login using 128-bit encryption, complete security for the software.
  21. Spare parts sales management
  22. Purchase Management
  23. Vehicle service records
  24. Simplified Account Management including Account receivables and account payables.
  25. Multi User system with multi-level login id and passwords.
  26. Free service report
  27. Item details
  28. Stock details
  29. Vendor details
  30. Lots of other customized features can be provided in the software.