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Document Management System

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What is a document management system (DMS)? Simply stated, it is an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks with your business files.

When it comes to work, time is practically as important as the currency of your paycheck, and opportunity cost proves this: The more time you spend boggled down by administrative tasks associated with paper such as walking to the fax machine, printer, and filing cabinets, the less you are paid for the expertise defining your role, and this detracts from your value to your organization no matter how talented you or your employees are.

The more time you have at work to do what matters, the more wisely you can use it. Although many view paper-related interruptions at work as ‘part of their jobs,’ it needn’t be that way with the right technology, and this mindset—in large part—is what keeps workers partaking in the oppression of their professional lives. Relying on an electronic document management system to overcome these inefficiencies can literally change the trajectory of professionals’ lives, and the companies for which these employees work. Document disarray is the number 1 cause of organizational chaos, and without the means to manage, optimize, and orchestrate information, there will be little if any means for organizations to receive the information assurance they need in today’s era of digital transformation.

Although most document management systems store data in the cloud, it is much more than just cloud storage. Because advanced document management systems, like eFileCabinet, handle the large amounts of paper flowing into your business for you, you can spend time on the work that you love. For example, someone with a large filing cabinet of papers can set up automation for the most common types of documents they handle and track the progress.
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DMS is a document management software that integrates all essential document management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automation setup.

A Document Management Software is a computer program used to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

DMS is a management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.