Cloud Computing

The rapid advancement of technology poses immense technical challenges for enterprises. Our expert consultants assure the deployment of state-of-the-art technology and bring together the necessary skills, expertise, and proficiency to enable our clients realize the potential gains of their investment.

Our team of globally recognized certified consultants have rich expertise in Architecture, designing, deployment, and migration of cloud services using the desirable technology. We ensure enterprises with higher scalability, agility, mobility, security, and accessibility to their cloud infrastructure. 

With the success story of PC Solutions, our clients are assured of extensive support, guaranteed delivery, global outreach and unparalleled value.

We has expertise in servicing different cloud deployment models through its cloud offerings.


Public cloud services

In public cloud services your applications, storage and other computing resources are made accessible to world through a service provider. For this the app developer or owner has to use public cloud platform providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon or


Private cloud

In private cloud deployment, the cloud infrastructure functions solely for a single organization. The cloud infrastructure can be hosted internally or externally on private metal or professional cloud platforms.


Hybrid cloud

In hybrid cloud, some cloud computing resources are managed in-house and other externally. These two or more clouds remain unique entities that are bound together. This arrangement offers benefits of multiple deployment models.

Netlink Group is responsible for evaluating and executing various open source technology based projects. Over the years, we have developed and customized many solutions based on various open source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL and PHP (LAMP and WAMP), among others.
Our competency team addresses client needs and suggests right solutions based on various open source technology and solution engine.
We explore various open source platforms and the latest enterprise integration engines. Depending on projects requirements Netlink Group’s experienced competency team provides accelerated services on various projects by reusing capabilities of various application frameworks like symphony, CakePHP and Zend.
The objectives of Open Source Competency center include:

  • Providing technical solutions implementing Open Source technology platform that helps in meeting technical challenges
  • Resolving problems faced in applying open Source technology
  • Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
  • Building competency in chosen application servers and services
  • Developing reusable components that can be used across projects