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Advanced PHP & My SQL

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Creating web applications is not like designing as website, there will be a huge difference in web design and web development. In design you have to provide a visual look and feel. But developing PHP Application is about writing a logic to suit client requirements. PHP/MySQL can only be learn by writing programs, reading programs and learning new php stuff regularly.

Welcome to the world's most preferred 'Open Source Programming' script worldwide.

  • Since it runs on Linux and UNIX, PHP websites are considered more secure compared to Windows supported languages such as ASP.Net
  • Unlike other programming languages, with PHP a fresher can learn and develop website in a matter of 4-6 months
  • PHP/MYSQL does not require any license fees.
  • PHP application is sturdier and can easily adapt to various web hosting environments. For example, PHP scripts can be run on windows hosting but ASP and .Net apps do not run on Linux and UNIX.
  • PHP/MYSQL web hosting is much cheaper than Windows suported hosting.
  • PHP Training Academy provides php experts mentors, who are extensively experienced in corporate IT field. This will help our students to learn the latest technology with experience working in live projects.
  • We provide PHP/MYSQL courses along with CakePHP, PayPal payment gateway integration, server handling and many more.
We offers Summer Training Programs for learners of all levels. It is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and enhance their knowledge during the holiday time. All our Summer Training in Kolkata courses are classroom-based, 100% hand-on and completely instructor-led.
We believe that by imparting industry experience to students enables them to get ready for the right jobs. These short courses are like do-it-yourself courses that prepare them for the real world scenarios and gain advantage over other candidates.